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BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE - bungy trampoline 4in1 - SALTO Trampolino - Mobile bungee trampolines ELASTIC, CLIMBING walls, COMBO, Funball Shootair compressed air cannons ball, Playgrounds, Bobsleigh Roller Coaster, Rodeo mechanic bull and horse, Aero spaces bikes, bungy jumping, Sling Shot, gyroscope, extreme Fun rides, foam ball game, inflatable thing, ATTRACTIONS and AMUSEMENT Parks CONSULTING… and more products and services

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Involved in the leisure amusement theme parks & recreation industry since 1986

Maxi-Trampoline - Present on 5 continents in more than 60 countries

We constantly develop different rides, new attractions, technical equipment and safety aspects as well as the charitable side of our business. People of all ages, families, young and old, top-level athletes, physically challenged people, and many others have had a maxi fun thanks to our competence in the domains of recreation and leisure sports industry and events animation.

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- FUN ATTRACTIONS and rides products like: the Mono bungee trampoline 1 place, Maxi Bungy-trampoline 6 places & Salto bungee Trampolin mobile on trailer, from 1, 2, 4 or 6 jumpers salto trampoline mobile on trailer, combo bungee-trampoline and climbing wall all in 1, Acro bengee, eurobungy trampoline spare parts and equipment, rock climbing walls, portable Climbing Walls 3 or 4 climbers, climbing wall mobile on trailer, boulders mountain walls , Maxi bungy trampoline 4 places, Maxi Bungy-trampolines 5 places,Funball Shootair compressed air cannons, foam softball shooters Play grounds or tents mobiles on trailer, bob coasters, bobsleigh roller coasters, Rodeo Mechanic bull, Surf simulator and wake board simulators, Aero space bikes, extreme fun sport rides, Sling Shot catapult, aerotrim aero-sphere, astronaut trainer, gyroscope…and other extreme fun sports games.

- ATTRACTIONS & and AMUSEMENT PARKS CONSULTING: if you are involved in the Amusement or Leisure industry, in the organisation of events we can find the attractions or products you need for your business.

- ORGANISATION of EVENTS: parties, festivals, social and corporate event, carnivals, funfairs, shows, spectacles…

- A FUN ADVENTURE PARK: including 300 metres (1000 ft) high bungee jump from a cable car, a 190 metres (630 ft) high bungy jump, a Sky diving station 150 metres (530 ft) high from the highest hanging Tibetan bridge in Europe 200 metres (660 ft) high, a high benji jumping, bangy trampo, a climbing wall, zorbing attraction, mountain rock wall, carousel, Kiddie Rides and bouncing castle inflatable games for children… amazing maxi fun concepts which defy gravity’s laws in complete safety !!

- REFERENCES in the Media, television and press: and Maxi-trampoline references for the OLYMPIC GAMES Sydney 2000, Salt Lake City 2002, Athens 2004. Bungy trampoline, bungee jumping and trampoline history.


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